1.   Learn three powerful inductions.

2.   Learn deepening techniques.

3.   Learn what voice tones are most affective.

4.   Learn the pre-induction interview (rapport through breathing).

5.   Learn the five most used words the subconscious doesn't understand and how to use them effectively.

6.   What to say for weight loss when client is in trance.

7.   What to say for smokers.

8.   How to reduce stress immediately.

9.   Pacing and leading (very powerful) and much, much  more.

You will be awarded a certificate suitable for framing plus be able to attend any future class of the same type and format at no charge. All CDs at 50% 0ff for up to one year from date of class.

Your instructor Robert Burns has taught this class nationwide. He is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, a Reiki Master and has earned the title of Linguistic Architect, has two of the books he has written on Amazon plus hosts two radio talk shows.