"Once you discover your purpose in life you will realize you have always known it."

"Properly used words will take you further than the strongest pair of legs."

"You are who you become through your thoughts."

"When you empower people you become empowered yet when you enslave people you become enslaved."

"Life doesn't have a plan for us, it is just there for us to experience. We must develop a plan for it."

"Be careful what you say to another as the sting of a slap will fade away yet the sting of words can last forever."

"What you see with your eyes open pales in comparison to what you see with your eyes closed."

"Always do what you must do prior to doing what you want to do."

"The only time that is real is called now."

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can devastate me."

"As the sun creates the shadow of the body, think of the body as the shadow created by the mind."

"If you have not experienced love, you have not experienced life."

"All physical behaviors consist of our bodies acting out our dominant thoughts."

"Your world is nothing more than your perception of what it is."

"True love and caring takes place when two spirits connect and touch each other."

"Our lifes experience is a direct result of our dominant thoughts."

"It has often been said "I'm my own worst enemy" why not be your own best friend."

"The only way I've seen to control lifes experiences is to let go of control."

"More information is conveyed through silence and physiology than through dialogue."

"I am to you only that which you think of me."

"Every day is an experience of beauty when you take the time to look within."

"Life seems to happen to us when in reality it can only happen from us."

"The world you see around you is in reality, within you."

"You can't possibly have a question without also having the answer the challenge lies in finding it."

"All action is first preceeded by a thought, be sure the thought is your own."

"You are capable of doing anything at all. The trick is in knowing what it is."

"Ego sees us by what we have whereas spirit sees us for who we are."