"My first introduction to Bob was having the immense pleasure of listening to his voice on a live radio broadcast show. I found it to be magnetizing, soothing and comforting yet confident and articulate. Meeting him in person of course is a privilege I cherish whenever I have the opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to be infused by his astute wisdom, keen observational eye for detail, wonderfully refreshing sense of humor and above all his contagious, positive energy. Thank you Bob for being a spark in my life!"
- Kirstin Nussgruber, C.N.C. ® EMB ® Founder, Eat Holistic LLC

"I listened to the wealth CD continously as you had suggested and two weeks later received a large pay raise. Was it the CD? I don't know but will keep on listening."
- N.A., NJ

"While preparing breakfast and also dinner for my family, I played the Weight Management CD in the background and WOW, dropped 26lbs in two months"
- A.P., CT

"What God is doing in your life is tremendous to say the least. Thank you so much for taking the time out to listen to divine instruction as you help ordinary people transform into great leaders. You're blessed."
- K.S., NJ

"Hi Bob, Great workshop and I'm very energized as a result."
- B.E., NJ

"Such a dazzling time at the training center. Listening to the programs daily."
- June, CT

"Bob, What can I say but thank you for all your help! It made such a difference in my business.
I look forward to seeing you in August."
- A.G., CA

"Robert, Thanks for a great meeting, good feedback already."
- K.V., NJ

"Bob, We are so excited to be working with such a winner."
- M.S., PA

"Robert, You do such a great job, thank you."
- E.S., PA

"When I went to Bob, it took him one hour to do what it took my therapist 4 months to do.
My stress is gone and I am sleeping through the night. Thank you."
- G.S., NJ

"Bob is the best at Hypnotherapy. I started with him about 3 months ago and being of the western mind
was somewhat skeptical. I am definitely now a believer in this type of therapy.
I am a member of the sandwich generation. Grown children, grandchildren, and the caretaker of an elderly mother as well as a business owner. I was stretched to the limit and totally stressed.
After a few sessions with Bob my life has changed. I can now manage all that is on my plate.
My business is thriving and so am I. What a wonderful way to live life, no stress, happy and smiling.
Thank you Bob for changing my life."
 - Cathy

"Hi Bob, Just to say THANK YOU, once again for a very special day! You are a born teacher and have so much important info to share with the world!
The time flew by….time well spent.
I will let you know on Fri. the results of eating the yogurt! Warmest wishes."
- BT in NJ

"Dear Mr. Burns, I would like to thank you very much for your sharing of your talent and knowledge. I was in a deep slump, depression and posttraumatic stress   And needed help.  With  only 40 minutes of your hypnotherapy I became myself again.

Happy and free to go on with life and smile. When my husband saw me right after he couldn't believe the  difference as well as many people that knew me.
 I recommend anyone who is in depression or has  any other problem for that matter  to spend at least

40 minutes with Mr. Burns and you won't believe the difference he can make. God gave you a gift and I am blessed to have experienced it.

 Thank you so very much,
And God Bless You"
- CS